Recovery as a Service (RaaS)

Preventing Cloud Disasters to Affect Your Business

Preventing Cloud Disasters to Affect Your Business

Hypervisor-Based Disaster Recovery

Protecting your IT infrastructure from logical errors or disasters while implementing frequent testing, is essential. Telentia's hypervisor-based disaster recovery is more than just protecting data; it's about protecting both data and applications within the virtualized infrastructure. Integrating with your VMware environments at one of Telentia's Enterprise Cloud data centers at Equinix (Chicago or Atlanta), you can take advantage of the many hypervisor-based replication benefits.

Scalable Flexibility

As a software solution, the hypervisor-based replication doesn't depend on the size of your infrastructure. It can be deployed and managed in no time, enabling immediate configuration and operations on the virtual machines and applications.

Powerful Zerto Control

Telentia uses Zerto, a leading provider of enterprise class disaster recovery and continuity solutions to protect its virtualized environments. By using the hypervisor based replication you can reduce your DR complexity and hardware costs while still protecting your mission critical virtualized applications.

Easy to manage, Zerto resides in the hypervisor, enabling centralized management from the virtual management console.

Server and Storage Mobility

Freely transfer your servers or logical units from one physical datacenter to another without affecting your operations. Based on our hypervisor-based replication you can maintain full replication during the process.

Hardware-Agnostic Functionality

Being hardware-agnostic, our Hypervisor-based replication doesn't depend on one single hardware platform, but instead is flexible enough to work with any hardware device or storage arrays like Storage Area Network (SAN), Network-Attached Storage (NAS) or virtual disk types such as Raw Device Mapping (RDM) and VMware File System (VMFS).


The Hypervisor-based replication solution achieves RPO in seconds, and RTO in minutes.

Telentia's Inter-Clouds Replication

Telentia's Inter-Clouds Replication

Data Replication

Our hypervisor-based replication solutions are not location-dependent, which means total business continuity at all times, regardless if your VMware vCloud environment is in Chicago and replicate to Atlanta or in Atlanta and replicate to Chicago.

Besides eliminating the physical location factor, the hypervisor-based replication has a second important advantage, which is its ability to replicate the specific level of any virtual component, whether a virtual application like VMware VApp, a single virtual machine, a even several virtual machines.

The entire hypervisor-based replication is managed by Zerto. Zerto is a solution built from the ground up for hypervisor-based replication software, which is purpose-built for VMware vCloud environments. With Zerto you are not constrained to what the array can replicate, so you can create an anywhere to anywhere replication scenario.

Telentia's Inter-Clouds Replication

The Winning Telentia-Zerto Cloud Replication

Powered by Zerto

Fully compatible with VMware, Zerto’s award winning hypervisor-based replication software enables alignment of your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan with your IT strategy.  By using hypervisor-based replication, you can reduce DR complexity and hardware costs and still protect your mission-critical virtualized applications. Add to it Telentia's impact as a leading provider of VMware vCloud® services, and you can understand why the Telentia-Zerto solution is the first choice for many IT companies.

Zerto simplifies the typical BC/ DR software management complexity, reducing risk and eliminating errors. Zerto automates manual tasks, increases efficiency and enables to streamline operations.


Zerto's working process:

  • A Zerto Virtual Replication Appliance needs to be installed  at each host with protected and replica VM’s
  • Once installed, select your VM in VMware vSphere vCenter. With just a few clicks it is replicated and protected.
  • If the WAN connection between the protected and recovery site is broken, the replication data will be queued. When the connection is restored the replication will continue without any data lost.
  • Zerto fully automates the entire process, including failover and failback. It creates all the VMs, reconfigures IP addresses and executes custom scripts. The Virtual Protection Group feature will protect an entire application even if it spans over several VMs.
  • With the replication data compressed, replication traffic can be capped so it will not consume all available bandwidth. Zerto uses continuous replication with no interfering time consuming snapshots.
  • Zerto supports VMware VMotion DRS HA, Storage VMotion and DRS. The automated installation ensures that you don't need to make any changes to your storage or server infrastructure.

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