Our IaaS as Your White Label

Use our infrastructure-as-a-Service platform to grow your business

Use our infrastructure-as-a-Service platform to grow your business

Grow your business, brand and profits by integrating our White Label Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions and best-in-class infrastructure into your existing product portfolio.

Managed service providers like Telcos, SaaS, and System Integrators can now take advantage of our powerful IaaS platform and best-in-class support to offer new services, advanced solutions and make higher profits. Leverage the white label opportunity to create your own brand and reputation. Use the power of our advanced infrastructure to offer your clients a new versatile assortment of networking solutions.

Telentia enables its resellers to offer their own packages, names and pricing. You can extend your range of services, making a much stronger impression on your clients. You'll strengthen your market positioning while we'll work hard to provide you all the support you need.

Fully Managed IaaS

Telentia will manage your IaaS services guaranteeing full compliance through dedicated and private solutions.

VMWare vCloud Director Portal

Manage virtual and cloud resources with VMware vCloud Director Portal. As a IaaS solution that can pool the VMware vSphere resources in your existing datacenter and deliver them on a catalog basis without the end-users knowing the complexities of the Infrastructure behind it.

Customized On Demand Connectivity

Whether you are a network-based provider or a service provider you can use Telentia's flexible high-performance connectivity options. Together with more than 100 peering partners, we offer low-latency bandwidth that will optimize your connectivity.

Equipment as Expense

CPE (customer premise equipment) resellers providing data infrastructure and service providers of subscription-based solutions will be able to benefit from Telentia's flexible world-class equipment, which will be provided as a monthly operating expense.

Exponential Profitability Model

Scaling networking offers provided through oversubscription of virtual machines can boost resellers’ profitability, while Telentia's published API set will easily integrate the account initialization, managing and billing.

Brand Promotion

Telentia will help you promote your own brand with our service provider branded data center racks.

Integrated Cloud Solutions

Integrated Cloud Solutions

Matching smart applications with powerful infrastructure

As a reseller of advanced cloud solutions you want to make sure that you are utilizing the best possible infrastructure and that you can use confidently mission critical applications. But to position your new brand as a market leader you and reach full customer satisfaction you need more than that. You need the ability to match the powerful infrastructure with the advanced applications into one integrated solution. And that's exactly what our integrated cloud solutions are all about.

Integrated Cloud Solutions

Telentia will integrate your specific applications with our on-demand infrastructure using a smooth and fully automated process. From the deployment and installation to the intuitive workloads management and user support services, Telentia will create for you a customized, user friendly and highly efficient cloud experience that will shape your reputation and boost your profits. Moreover, you'll operate a tailored management console that will be based on your brand's look and connected directly to your API.

Telentia's White-Label Integration Engine

Nothing is more challenging and intimidating for new cloud infrastructure users than the initial application deployment and management. At Telentia we're converting this intimidating challenge into an invigorating and streamlined experience. Our engine automatically manages and monitors the full integration of the IaaS resources, applications and add-ons.

Versatile Platform Solutions

Versatile Platform Solutions

Our cloud IaaS services spread over multiple platforms, operating systems and programming languages, including Linux, Java/jBoss, PHP, Rails, Python and more.

Scalable<br/> Resources


Our platform will always adapt to your applications, enabling flexible scalability of resources. From one server for all your applications, to a multi-server multi-tier deployment, your cloud services will always be managed on the perfect platform.

Cost Effective Image Library Management

Cost Effective Image Library Management

Image library management is expensive and resource-intensive. To offer you higher application flexibility, portability and stability, Telentia uses scripted deployments which are cheaper and more effective.

Application Management

Application Management

Your customers will be able to access and manage their applications through an intuitive automated console that will monitor backups, upgrades, resource scaling and more.